Dr. Eugene McCarraher
Department of Humanities and Augustinian Tradition
475 St. Augustine Center
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Spring 2001 Modern Thought Syllabus
Fall 2003 Honors Seminar

Fall 2003 Core Humanities Seminar
Spring 2004
Imperialism and the Humanities HUM 2500-001 cross listed with History HIST 4995-002
Course Description - Pursue a theme through variations among humanities:  literature, history, philosophy, theology, art, music, and film.  Spring 2004 theme- "imperialism."  What have been the meanings of empire for imperialist and imperialized.   How can different humanities complement, enrich, and contradict each other.
Imperialism and the Humanities HUM 2500-001
The United States Since 1945HIS 2002-001
Core HumanitiesCHS 1001-H66

Fall 2004
Ancient Medieval and Renaissance Thought - CHS 1000-K01
American Economics - HIS 8076-001 Thopics: Amer Econ Hist CRN: 24927
SoSem: Love, Birth, Sex, Death HUM 2000-001 CRN 25040
History 8076
October  Assignment, The Gift
November 17 Assignment

Spring 2005
HUM/HIS 4052/HON5501 The History of Socialism
HUM 2000 Soph Sem: Birth, Love, Sex Death
HUM 2100 HIS: The Goods and the Good Life

Fall 2005

Curriculum Vita